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    11.03.2012 | Lesly Losey
    Approximate Cost:
    Home Build Year:  2010
    Description of Work:  Tear off old roof layer and install new roof. Installed 10 new box vents. Installed metal drip edge on bottom and gable ends.
    Member Comments:   “I Contacted A-1 for an estimate for replacing our roof, James quickly returned my call. He came out the following day to give us an estimate. After receiving several estimates, we chose to go with A-1. James and his crew were professional, hardworking, and easy to work with. Finished the job on time as promised. Would definitely use A-1 in the future.”
    10.15.2012 | Shane Grove
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:  Roof tear off and replacement and replacing old gutters.
    Member Comments:  “Great experience from start to finish! They were at my house an hour after I called requesting an estimate. I called several A rated roofing companies, including A-1, for estimates and there's was by far the lowest cost for the amount of work. Once we finalized the work to be done, the crew was out 2 days later to replace the roof and a couple days later to replace the gutters. They were quick and the work done was excellent. They did a great job cleaning up afterwards. Great experience and will definitely use them again in the future!”
    11.07.2012 | John Rouse
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:  Tore off old roofing and replaced with a new roof.
    Member Comments:  “The crew arrived early and didn't leave, until the job was done and the clean-up was complete. Mr. Moore was on site to check the work being done. I am satisfied with the job , and would recommend them to friends and neighbors.”
    06.12.2012 | Linda Engle
    Approximate Cost:  
    Home Build Year:  1929
    Description Of Work:  A-1 removed a slate roof from one house and all shingles from 3 other buildings. They replaced all rotted wood and decking, and repaired or replaced some structural wood elements of the roof on one of the buildings, which had substantial damage. They installed architectural shingles on all four buildings. They removed the gutters and downspouts and made repairs to all rotted wood (where needed) to hang gutters. They installed gutters and downspouts on all four buildings. They cleaned the site and removed all debris. All buildings needed repairs in order to install roofing and gutters - this was far more complicated than a typical tear-off and re-shingle. Three of the buildings were many decades old and all were in poor repair. The slate roof was very steep and required additional care and safety equipment.
    Member Comments:  “James Moore, the owner of A-1, was just fantastic from the estimate until the last piece of debris was hauled away! He personally came out to look at the site for the estimate, and stood out among the others we called.. He was in constant communication throughout the job. He and his foreman both walked around the site with me, and asked what special concerns I had about the job. They consulted me about where the dumpster would be parked, and pointed out areas which might need additional repair. The crew arrived early and worked very hard all day and into the evening. Mr. Moore called to give updates and to ask (before the work was started) about more extensive repairs to (and replacement of) rafters. His large crew was able to tear off the existing shingles, repair decking, rebuild where damaged, re-shingle, and remove and replace gutters and downspouts in all four buildings in about a week, give or take a day or two. They worked continuously once they started. All of the trash and construction debris was removed, and care was taken with my landscaping and leaded glass windows (not one pane broken). I appreciated the great communication, thoroughness, and efficiency of the company, not to mention the quality of the work they did to my "vintage" home and outbuildings. The roofs look absolutely beautiful, and I know that the part of the job that does not show was done with just as much care and skill. I would never even think about using or recommending anyone else but A-!. Very few companies get it right every step of the way. James Moore and A-1 Roofing Systems exceeded my expectations, and I would give them an A-plus in every category!”
    03.15.2012 | Roberta Elmore
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:  We used A-1 Roofing Systems when we just moved in our house and found that we had to have a new roof. They did it all in a couple of days.
    Member Comments:  “They were wonderful. They cleaned up all their mess. They were great. We just liked their personality. They were very straight forward and told us exactly what was needed and told us ahead of time what it was going to cost. We just had to choose our color and they told us the price. They didn’t push us. We felt the price was reasonable. My husband said they did really really well because some of the things on the placing of the chimney weren’t right, instead of leaving that they took it all off and redid it properly. They didn’t cover up things but actually replaced it. They were very quick to respond to our needs and very quick to come and do the job. They were on time every time they came in. They were very professional. We have already talked about using them again in the future.”
    Transcribed from a telephone interview
    10.15.2011 | Christine Pedersen
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:  A-1 Roofing systems performed a tear-off and replacement of the shingles and underlying felt of our entire roof. Holes for six pipe type vents were decked over and the vents replaced with ridge vents on the house and attached garage. Ice and water shield was placed in four valleys, and upon request, drip edge was added to the original estimate.
    Member Comments:  “Our home inspector estimated three years of life on the shingles when we purchased this house eleven years ago. After several instances of repair of shingle loss from high winds, and assessing the deterioration of color from black to gray, we decided to replace the entire roof.
    Mr. James Moore provided the lowest of three estimates we received for the replacement of our roof (shingles, with roofing felt, etc.), and included lifetime warranty shingles in the estimate, although they were an add-on with other estimates. After my wife and I had decided on a shingle color (which was a difficult decision), the work was done with dispatch by a hard-working, skilled crew. Care was taken to protect the house exterior and plants from damage, as promised, and when the job was complete, all debris, except for a couple small pieces of old shingle I found while mowing, was carefully removed, so no sign the work had been done was evident.
    Overall, my wife and I are very happy with our new shingles and look, and the work that went into it, as well as the price!”
    06.23.2011 | Joanne Malbone
    Approximate Cost:  
    Home Build Year:  1992
    Description Of Work:   James Moore of A-1 Roofing provided a written estimate for replacing our roof after significant hail damage. (We actually received estimates from six other roofers as well and chose A-1 for three reasons:
    1. Their written estimate was fully descriptive of what they proposed to do, clearly itemizing the price of each step, and their total price was right in the middle of the other estimates we received;
    2. They were able to start and finish within a week of our signing a contract;
    3. After meeting with Mr. Moore we were impressed that he was a person we would be comfortable working with.)
    We turned his estimate over to our insurance company's adjuster, and Mr. Moore then met with the adjuster and agreed on the price that the insurance company would approve.
    • His work crew began work within a week of our signed contract and were finished in two full days.
    • They removed all of our old shingles and felt paper, our turbine vents and broken skylight.
    • They installed new felt paper and shingles. They replaced the turbine vents with new ridge vents.
    • They installed a new skylight.
    • They step-flashed and sealed our chimney.
    • They cleaned up after their work and left our property looking new and perfect.
    Member Comments:  "We couldn't be more pleased with James Moore and his work crew. They were all prompt, personable, polite, friendly, efficient and professional. They went out of their way to accommodate our wishes.
    a. They were very careful to protect our landscaping and to clean up after their work.
    b. We pointed out that we had just planted some beans and tomatoes along the back of our house, and they took extra care not to damage them.
    c. We asked them to paint the vent-pipes and flashings to blend with the color of the new shingles (This was not something that they had agreed to do from the start). They did so gladly, and it looks beautiful!
    d. We didn't think the conical peak on part of our roof looked perfectly straight; when we pointed this out, they agreed and quickly redid it to our satisfaction.
    e. They patiently explained everything they were doing and answered all of our questions as the work was progressing.
    f. Mr. Moore even gave us a CD of 15 photos taken from every angle of our house with its new roof as it was going on and after it was completed.
    We chose A-1 Roofing because it was listed with Angie's List, and we are so glad we did! If we could give them something higher than an "A" rating, we would. (How about A+++?)
    Several of our neighbors have stopped by to tell us how beautiful our new roof looks. Even while the work was being done, our across-the-street neighbors invited us to watch with them from their vantage point and said how great it looked. Another lady, from around the corner, who can only see the back of our house, commented that she never noticed roofs before, but now she can't stop looking at and admiring ours. Since ours was completed, some of our other neighbors have contacted A-1 to do their roofs as well. We have and will continue to recommend them to our friends.”

    05.19.2010 | Heather Lusk
    Approximate Cost:
    Home Build Year:  1901
    Description Of Work:  Tore off and replaced roof, replaced some pieces of decking
    Member Comments:  “We have a huge roof and somehow the crew managed to get it done in almost one day (between all the rainfall). We did keep watch over certain areas to make sure the decking was replaced as needed - I think they may not have been as particular as we were to make 100% sure the boards were in perfect shape. We were more apt to ask them to spend the extra money to replace a piece of decking just to be on the safe side. I'm very picky about the look of the roof and having the shingles and roofline look perfect, and they fit the bill there. Great job. I was also very impressed with their cleanup job. Of course we've found some nails and pieces of shingle on the ground afterwards, but that's par for the course with ANY new roof regardless of who you use. I saw multiple men outside sweeping the exterior and raking through piles of ivy to pick out every bit of debris they could, plus running over the grass multiple times with the magnet (not all nails can be collected with the magnet though - so it's going to be impossible for any company to get it all). In retrospect I wish I'd offered for them to use our bathroom (didn't even occur to me), so it's something I'd suggest to someone considering any roofers.”
    07.15.2012 | James Johnson
    Approximate Cost:
    Home Build Year:  2001
    Description Of Work:  Tear off and reroof manufacture home hail damage. From the first contact they were very professional. From the quote and info left color samples and references to doing the job and clean up I am very pleased with their work.
    Member Comments:  “Hail damage got estimates from 3 companies A-1 was the most thorough and professional as well as competently price; did their job, end of story.”
    Joan Malick
    Approximate Cost:
    Home Build Year:  1985
    Description Of Work:  “Due to severe winds and tornadoes in 2007, we needed a new roof from hail damage, rain, and winds, on this 23 year old house (3 bedroom, one floor, 2 car garage ranch, 1800 sq ft). All of our neighbors who had similar damage had their insurance companies pay for a new roof. Our insurance company, however, refused to accept responsibility. No one wants to have to put on a new roof. From the estimates, we picked A-1. They were not the lowest bid and they were not the highest bid. We liked the way the owner met with us, described what his company would do, and provided us with a complete type-written estimate. This included all materials, line by line. Other companies simply wrote down an amount of money on a piece of their letterhead paper as their bid. They (about a team of 12 men) arrived 1/2 hour early (7:30 a.m., which was fine) and immediately began to tear off the old original roof, and put on a new roof in one day despite chilly November temperatures. They took no breaks at all. We always offer beverages and snacks to all work persons, which the roofers would only accept when the job was done and the supervisor approved of the end-of-job break. There was no debris left behind, not one shingle. Their clean-up was thorough. They had one particularly difficult area which was to remove a sky light in the living room entrance area and install a new one, seal around it to prevent leaks, and add a wood base. The roof has not leaked. The skylight has not leaked. The vents areas on the roof have not leaked either. We are pleased.”    Submitted via E-Mail
    Marsha Marshall
    Home Build Year:
    Description Of Work:  New roof & gutters. Jim Moore made several tries to leave samples of the color my wife was thinking of. We chose the "one" he brought that was not in the charts he had brought us "Perfect". Mickey with the gutter associates was very helpful with just the right brown to match our trim color so Marsha was very happy with them also.
    Member Comments:  “The job they did was fabulous. It made you smile, and not fuss. The value of our home went higher of course these days you can't find a buyer. The dollars spend was worth the price. It made our home, our paradise. Thank you for recommending them in your book. Give them an A++++.”
    Bill & Nancy Dynes
    Approximate Cost:  
    Home Build Year:  1972
    Description Of Work:  We had a 2-layer roof of unknown age that needed to be replaces.
    Member Comments:  “It couldn't have gone better! James Moore was very prompt with the estimate (1 day) and got our roof replaced within a week. The roofing mess was cleaned up, and it all seems to be good. We did have one question about using turtle vents vs. ridge vents, and James explained that the pitch of our roof meant that ridge vents wouldn't work. All in all, we are pleased.”
    Grace Mullen
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:  Complete tear-off of old roof and replacement with new dimensional shingles, new vent covers, reinforcement of valleys, and new flashing around chimney, plus thorough cleanup and removal of old materials.
    Member Comments:  “President of company responded in person & provided in-depth and timely cost estimate/bid, which was very reasonable, clearly communicated, & straightforward. After reviewing 3 other bids, we chose this company. Mr. Moore was extremely responsive to our timetable, scheduling the work within less than a week of our decision. He was extremely impressive, and all that he led us to expect with the work and the final product was completely accurate. He met our schedule, was extremely helpful in color selection (even suggesting that we visit his supplier to check all potential colors and materials), and was totally "hands-on" throughout the project. The workers were punctual, professional, quiet, conscientious, and competent in performing their work. The cleanup was incredibly thorough and painstaking. We are thrilled with the finished product. It was an outstanding experience! Also, the price bid was extremely competitive not to mention the Angie's List discount!”
    Jay Skinner
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:  Full tear off and replacement of roof with dimensional shingles. Done in one day, extremely professional, clean and respectful. This is the second house they have done for us. James Moore, their salesman, is excellent. Mr. "Lalo" and his roofing crew were great, quick, efficient and high quality.
    Member Comments:  “After checking Angie's List and getting about five possible companies, I called A-1 and asked for a visit and quotation. James Moore provided a detailed quote along with references and choices of types of shingles. I asked for other quotes too from other roofing companies. A-1 was the fastest response, the most detailed, and the least expensive.
    Scott Rose
    Approximate Cost: 
    Home Build Year:  1961
    Description Of Work:  I'm not easily impressed, but they were great. They tore off the roof and replaced some wood. They gave me new guttering, and did a complete reroof-- all in one day.
    Member Comments:  “He did everything he said he would, and faster than I imagined. I'm very particular, but I told Mr. Moore that he could leave his sign in my yard as long as he would like. His workers were courteous, and I couldn't find even one nail in the yard once they had cleaned up. James Moore didn't collect any money up front, and he came by when they finished to check to make sure the job was up to my satisfaction, and four days later, completely laid back, came to collect. He also provided me with over 20 references for work done before that I checked out, and the homeowners all said the work was perfect. Very professional. I'd give them an A+.”
    11.20.2009 | Dan O’Brien
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:  We purchased a new home that needed a new roof. It was old and had hail damage. A-1 did a complete tear off and replace, as well as custom make a new chimney cap.
    Member Comments:  “James and his crew were great. We were in contact quite a bit and James always returned my calls and kept me updated as we were waiting for the weather to cooperate. The crew did the job in one day. I went to work in the morning and by the time I got home, the crew had already come and gone. They contacted me to let me know they found a broken rafter and a few sheets of rotten decking and fixed them with no problem. I was very pleased.”
    07.16.2008 | BENJI RISMAN
    Approximate Cost:  
    Home Build Year:  1902
    Description Of Work:  We hired A-1 Roofing Systems to install a roof on our main house in the last year and we had them come back to install a roof on our guest house about a couple of months ago.
    Member Comments:  “They were great and everything was wonderful. They did an excellent job when we used their services in the last year. I wouldn’t have called them back if they wouldn’t have done such a good job. If we have to get another roof done, then we will definitely call them back.”
    Transcribed from a telephone interview
    09.04.2009 | Barbara Enlow
    Approximate Cost:
    Home Build Year:  1998
    Description Of Work:  Replaced roof, siding, gutters and downspouts and rescreened and painted my screened porch.
    Member Comments:  “My experience with James Moore was very satisfactory from start to finish. I got 4 estimates to make the repairs from the June 2nd hail damage. Besides being the lowest, he did additional work and stayed within the amount the insurance company would pay for. All his employees and other companies he used were prompt and courteous and it was clear that they respected James. Whenever I called James, if I didn't reach him, he returned my call the same day. When someone accidentally dented my garage door, he had a replacement panel put in, no problem. While I hope I never have to go through all this again, if I did, I would hire A-1 without hesitation.”
    08.12.2009 | Bernard & Marcene Biberdorf
    Approximate Cost:
    Home Build Year:  1995
    Description Of Work:  They had a crew of 12 people that arrived a little after 7am. (Thankfully we were ready). They unloaded the equipment like storm troopers and took off the old roof. After that was done, they rolled on new vinyl and tar paper and started replacing the roof. They installed a 30 high resistant architectural design shingles that we requested. By 2:30pm they had the whole 2300 sq ft roof finished. (It's a large roof w/ several valleys).
    Member Comments:  “They were careful where they parked so others could get through in the neighborhood. They picked up debris and left 2 spare bundles of shingles for the future which I requested. Rather than hand pounding, they used a gun that had gripping nails to prevent it from pulling out. We saw the work they did to the neighbor's house, which is part of the reason why we wanted to use them. Their price was competitive w/ other bids that we had received. We used the Angie's List discount.”
    06.10.2009 | Tamera Elam
    Approximate Cost:  
    Home Build Year:  2001
    Description Of Work:  We had hail damage and required that our roof be totally replaced.
    Member Comments:  “James was very quick to give us an estimate and his price seemed very fair. He is professional and we took note of his Angie's list awards. He brought a large crew in to replace our roof. They completed the job in a timely manner and the roof quality was very good. Unfortunately, his crew was very careless with our gutters and caused quite a bit of damage. When James came out after the job was completed we pointed out the gutter damage. He knew that his crew was at fault and was very quick to bring Willing Guttering Systems out to replace our gutters. We appreciated that he took care of the damage and made things right.”